Adoption of Policies and Regulations


The Board of Governors will, from time to time, express its philosophical beliefs and general principles or purposes by which it will be guided in fulfillment of the requirements of the Education Act of 1981. The formulation and adoption of these statements shall constitute the policies of the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors will also establish, from time to time, rules, regulations and standards to implement Board legal requirements, Board policy, and/or recommendations of the commissioner of higher education. These rules, regulations and standards must be consistent in every respect with law and with policies adopted by the Board of Governors. They are binding on all affected parties unless otherwise specified.

Proposed Board of Governors’ policies or amendments or repeal thereto will be listed in the agendas as “Adoption of Policy,” or “Amendment to Policy,” or “Repeal of Policy.”

Board of Governors’ proposed regulations or amendment or repeal of regulations will be listed in the agendas as “Adoption of Regulations,” or “Amendment to Regulations,” or “Repeal of Regulations.”

Proposals of policies and/or regulations will be developed through review and recommendation of the commissioner of Higher Education with referral to the full Board of Governors for adoption. All proposals shall be first reviewed at a regular meeting of the Board and then considered for action at the next regular meeting of the Board. Only those policies and/or regulations so adopted and so recorded shall be regarded as official Board policy and mandates.

New or amended policies/regulations shall be effective on date of adoption unless otherwise specified. These will be filed in the Board of Governors’ Policy/Regulation Manual and disseminated to appropriate agencies.

The commissioner of Higher Education shall, from time to time, make regulations when specific state law requires the establishment of such regulations by that office.

The Office of Higher Education shall keep a permanent register of the policies open to public inspection. Compilations adopted by the Board of Governors shall be supplemented or revised as often as is necessary.


Council Governance
Policy Number
Legal Citation
§ 16-59-4(3)
12/11/1975 (BR)
7/2/1981 (BG)