Audited Financials


On an annual basis, the Council on Postsecondary Education reviews and approves audited financial statements for Rhode Island College, Community College of Rhode Island, and the Division of Higher Education Assistance. All of the audited financial statements for the Division of Higher Education Assistance from 2003 to the present are available here. Please visit the websites of Rhode Island’s public institutions of higher education (CCRI, RIC and URI), for statements older than 2019 and for more robust content regarding their financial information.


TypeYearView report
CCRI2021View report
RIC2021View report
URI2021View report
DHEA2021View report
URI2020View report
CCRI2020View report
RIC2020View report
RIOPC2020View report
CCRI2019View report
RIC2019View report
URI2019View report
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