Faculty Status for URI Librarians – Regulations (P-9)


Faculty Status for URI Librarians – Regulations

The Board of Regents approved the following recommendation which had the effect of according faculty status to the University of Rhode Island librarians. They were presented in the form of additions to and modification in the University Manual (9th edition). Except for section headings, changes were indicated with either underlining of additions or striking out of deletions.

a) 4.11.10. Membership in the University Faculty, also referred to as the General Faculty, shall be based on appointment by the Board of Governors and on direct participation in or supervision of teaching, librarianship, and research within the University or its extension divisions. The General Faculty shall consist of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, and assistant librarians; the President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, academic deans, directors, and assistant directors of major
University divisions, including Summer Sessions, Division of University Extension, research bureaus, and experiment stations.

b) 7.10.10 Rank. There shall be four ranks for the faculty members who are engaged in teaching, librarianship, research, and extension as shown in the following table of equivalent ranks:

Order of Rank

ProfessorProfessor in the LibraryResearch ProfessorExtension Professor
Associate ProfessorAssociate Professor in the LibraryAssociate Research ProfessorAssociate Extension Professor
Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor in the LibraryAssistant Research ProfessorAssistant Extension Professor
InstructorAssistant LibrariansAssistant…*Assistant Extension…*

*e.g., entomologist, agricultural chemist, home economist, etc.

(c) 7.10.13 The holding of academic rank shall be independent of the holding of administrative appointment in the library. To qualify for academic rank, a librarian must have been awarded an advanced degree in library science or a terminal degree in a subject area discip;line or have equivalent professional experience.

d) 7.22.10 Criteria for Promotion. (Teaching,Library, Research, and ExtensionFaculties). Promotion shall be based on the extent of value to the University. The prime mission of the University is the discovery and dissemination of knowledge; teaching and research are, therefore, to be regarded as the most important criteria for promotion.

e) 7.50.10–7.53.12. Salary Levels. 7.52.11. Librarians who hold faculty rank shall receive salaries comparable with other faculty members in the same rank and shall attain salary levels at least equivalent to the minimum for their ranks by July 1, 1983.


Policy Number
4/1/1971 (BR)
7/2/1981 (BG)