Policies on Administrative Supervision


Policies on Administrative Supervision

Authority in the following areas resides legally within the jurisdiction of the Board of Governors by virtue of its power to “govern” and “control.” However, these policies are delegated to the presidents and faculties of the institutions for which the Board is responsible.

a. Organization of the faculty, the government of its functions as a faculty, and the assignment of corporate duties to its members.

b. Academic requirements for admission to the three institutions.

c. The nature and scope of the educational program (within the general patterns established by the Board); the establishment of academic standards, and the definition of the academic standing of students

d. The requirements for graduation and for advanced degrees, and the recommendation of candidates for degrees, including honorary degrees

e. Regulations relating to academic and social discipline of students and enforcement thereof

f. Supervision of student organizations and activities

g. Supervision of athletic activities

h. The award of scholarships, loans, student aid, and academic honors and distinction


Council Governance
Policy Number
Legal Citation
§ 16-59
1969 (BT); 7/2/1981 (BG)