Research & Grants-Overhead Policy & Regulations on Indirect Cost Recovery at URI


Research & Grants-Overhead Policy & Regulations on Indirect Cost Recovery at URI

The policy on indirect cost recovery governs the reimbursements received by the University for
costs incurred in the conduct of selected externally funded grants and contracts. The following
constitutes the policy regarding use of indirect cost reimbursements received by the University
of Rhode Island from selected, externally funded grants.

  1. Reimbursements for indirect costs under grants and contracts will be allocated to the
    following areas. Each area will receive a specific proportion of the total overhead

a) Sponsored Projects Administration – Administration & Finance
b) Sponsored Projects Administration – Research & Economic Development
c) Sponsored Projects Operations – Utilities & Insurance
d) Colleges/Areas
e) Provost
f) Research & Economic Development
g) President

  1. The President shall submit an annual report to the Board on the use of indirect cost
    recovery funds.
  2. Consistent with the objectives established by the Board, the University shall have the
    flexibility to make adjustments, if necessary, in the research overhead allocation over
    time without formal Board approval. Such adjustments would be made in consultation
    with Faculty Senate leadership and the Council for Research and with full attention to
    shared governance. Other appropriate university entities, including the Council of Deans
    and the Strategic Budget and Planning Council, would also be consulted.


Policy Number
1970 (BR); 7/2/1981 (BG)
09/2007(BG); 8/07/1997(BG); 6/30/1976(BR)