Tables of Organization Policy


Tables of Organization Policy

The Board of Governors for Higher Education adopted a policy with the following provisions:

The Board of Governors approve the tables of organization as of July 1 of each fiscal year; and further

Any change in the approved total number of FTE for unrestricted or auxiliary authorized positions or dollars allocated for those positions be prospectively authorized by the Board of Governors with changes to restricted sponsored positions approved retrospectively; and further

Interdivision changes or transfers at the University of Rhode Island and interdivision changes or transfers at the Community College of Rhode Island and interunit changes or transfers at Rhode Island College in unrestricted or auxiliary funded positions will be reported at mid-year review and at eight-month financial review; and further

The Board be provided with such forms and procedures as necessary to accomplish the above policies, and such forms and procedures shall include any analysis requested by the Board of the appropriateness of the tables of organization.


Policy Number
Legal Citation
1/10/1980 (BR); 7/2/1981 (BG)