Tuition Waiver for Persons Over Sixty Regulations


Tuition Waiver for Persons Over Sixty Regulations


To provide persons over 60 with the opportunity to pursue their education, either on a full-time or part-time basis, at any of the state’s public institutions of higher education by waiver of tuition.


Any person who is a permanent resident of Rhode Island and who submits evidence of being 60 years of age or over will be allowed to take courses at any public institution of higher education in the state with the tuition waived. Admission into particular courses is at the discretion of the receiving institution and will be granted upon a space available basis. All other costs of attendance are to be borne by the student.

Action Required

Each institution will publish this regulation in their undergraduate and graduate catalogs. Educational benefits for persons sixty years or over are restricted to those “whose household income is less than three times the federal poverty level.” (RIGL §16-55-1). All those seeking a waiver from tuition must apply for financial aid and a means test must be completed to verify eligibility.


Policy Number
Legal Citation
RIGL §16-55-1
5/6/1976 (BR); 7/2/1981 (BG)
7/16/1981 (BG); 1/23/2006 (BOG)