Transferring to URI, RIC, or CCRI

If you are considering transferring to a different college, OPC wants to help. Many people make the choice to transfer schools and there are resources at OPC and at each of the state colleges and university to assist with the process.

If you are considering transferring:

  • Think about what courses you need to take to advance in your preferred major
  • Talk to your advisor
  • Review the transfer requirements at your preferred school
  • Consider your financial aid options
  • Talk to your advisor again and review your transfer plan
Reverse Transfer

Reverse transfer enables students to apply credits they earned at a four-year institution toward an associate degree or certificate at a two-year institution. In Rhode Island, the reverse transfer policy allows individuals to apply credits from University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College toward a degree or certificate at Community College of Rhode Island.

To be eligible for this program, students must meet CCRI degree or certificate requirements, including completing at least 15 credits at CCRI. Students can also apply credits earned through prior learning assessments, which award college credit for applicable work experience, employer training, military service, independent study, non-credit courses, volunteer or community service, or non-college courses or seminars.

Returning to School or Changing Careers: Postsecondary credentials, such as a degree, credential or industry-recognized certification is essential for many careers. If you started to obtain one and stopped, we want to help you pick up where you stopped. Whether that means changing careers, learning a new trade, or getting on the path to a degree or certificate, there are many options. Our Rhode Island Reconnect program is designed to help you sort through the barriers, the red tape, and the questions about how, when and where. You will be paired with an educational navigator who will be your personal cheerleader and guide you through the process of returning to school or job training. Navigators help clients identify goals, create plans, and identify resources necessary for returning to school or changing a career.